Welcome Mythical Beast

This is a web application made with the help of Heroku, Python and Flask. Here you can do loads of things including downloading various things.


Log in system lets you create your account in this site and then create your own personal task just like google keep.

Download photos from instagram profile (public) with just username only

Download videos just by URL including HD videos and audios

Thanks for coming :)
Also if possible please help us by giving suggestions, just scroll down and type, it's that easy
To do

Just like google keep where you can upload your own personal task in an interactive way. You can also delete task from your profile which will be available on top right corner after logging in.
Insta image

Enter username and choose the quality of image you want to download and then you can download any photo with just one click.
Youtube video

Any video just enter URL and it will give more than 10 types of quality to download including HD, audio format etc.


Your suggestions are really valuable to me :)